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Current Location:About Ingrid
Ingrid works in Magical Realistic style. She believes
that the things she paints really do happen! And this is true!
She has met most of her characters in real life (no kidding!)
while walking the street, climbing the mountain or wherever...
And, maybe, that’s why she refuses to design frightening bad creatures
involved in horror scenes.
“Her illustrations are kind of shortcuts to parallel worlds
and Ingrid has the access to create and make changes and upgrades
to those worlds”, Stephan says.
Stephan Krustanow is her husband. He is a graphic designer.
They often work together and they are perfect match in their business.
Stephan does the book design, the covers and handles the pre press work
while Ingrid deals with princesses, ladybirds, knights and...
... even (not very disgusting) trolls!

Ingrid Magalinska lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is recognized by some
of the largest local publishers as a leading children's book illustrator.
She also works for US and UK publishers. Ingrid has 7+ years experience
working remotely through the Internet..
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